Communicating About COVID-19 and Cleaning Your TouchSource Directory

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Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve seen a rise in concern about the spread of COVID-19 around the world. Many of us value good, actionable information from experts to prevent the spread of illnesses and proactively plan ahead. That’s why we’re offering guidance on maintaining your TouchSource solutions while helping to reduce the spread of illness.

Our team has assembled a couple of public health communication resources and effective disinfection practices for digital displays. We also have multiple redundancies in our supply chain and primarily use US-based suppliers so that we can mitigate the risk of disruption for customers ordering new products.

Communicating about COVID-19

TouchSource displays and directories have always been a great platform for communicating information to tenants and visitors. Given recent concerns about the COVID-19 virus, customers have asked about ways to share useful public health information.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has important information on the current situation including a set of informational posters that are available on their website. These two posters are a great fit for effective digital communication, and have been converted to JPG format for use with your TouchSource solution. These files can be self-uploaded via the Image Upload functionality available in the TouchSource Customer Portal.

1. Centers for Disease Control website

2. Two CDC posters that are a great fit for effective digital communication

Stop the spread of germs

Keep calm and wash your hands

Keeping Your Touch Screen Displays Clean and Disinfected

Here are the best practices we recommend for keeping your touch screen displays, kiosks and directories clean and disinfected in light of concerns about the COVID-19 virus. Links below showcase recommended products on Amazon where these may be sold out. These same products can be purchased through many other vendors and retailers. Please check with your preferred and local suppliers as stocks change daily for different sources.

CAUTION: Special care must be taken to protect your displays. Never directly spray any screen with a cleaning solution. Only use recommended cleaning solutions and products.

  • DISINFECTING SCREENS: To disinfect touch screens we recommend using disinfectant, multi-surface wipes. A complete list of EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens cleaners can be found on the CDC website. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products. Never use products with ammonia or directly spray any cleaning or disinfectant solution on the screen. If you’re using a spray cleaner, apply the solution to a soft cloth prior to cleaning your screen. Clean your screens regularly to maintain healthy surfaces. Heavily used touch screen directories may benefit from a daily cleaning regimen.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: To clean the stainless steel, we recommend using stainless steel wipes. These keep the surface clean of smudges and should be done in addition to your disinfecting practice.
  • GLASS & SCREENS: To clean display glass or display screens, we recommend using multi-purpose/glass cleaner. This must be applied to a soft towel. Never apply spray cleaners directly to the glass or screen. Your glass cleaner must be ammonia-free. Clean glass or screens in addition to your disinfecting practice if you have interactive touch screen products.


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