Video Walls: Create a Vibrant Digital Canvas

Make your space come to life! A video wall creates an immersive, memorable experience for tenants and visitors.

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Information Guide: Choosing Information for Your Digital Building Directory

When you are exploring different touchscreen displays and systems that you want to implement at your place of business, there...

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Podcast: CEO Ajay Kapoor on Transparency in Business

"I spent decades and many of our colleagues spent decades in large corporations in which you’re constantly trying to remember...

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Podcast: CEO Ajay Kapoor on Simpler Communications for Physical Spaces

Listen to TouchSource CEO, Ajay Kapoor as he sits down with Eversprint's Malcolm Lui and discusses TouchSource's mission and successes. TouchSource...

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Podcast | Transforming Your Spaces with Digital Art: An Interview with Jason Gracilieri, CEO of TurningArt

Excerpts from the TouchSource ActiveSpaces™ podcast. Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource: I'm sitting here with an exciting partner that we just...

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