Buyers Guide: Intelligent Digital Signage for Commercial Real Estate

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Wow Them. Win Them Over.

Location, location, location is still critical. But a building’s amenities can tip the scales when tenants are making site selection decisions. Tenants that are battling to attract and retain talent are increasingly using the workplace as a recruiting tool. That’s on top of showcasing a successful, modern business to clients who visit.

That’s fueling an amenities arms race. Landlords are feeling the pressure to offer the latest, greatest thing in cool features—or get left in the dust. There’s a big gap emerging between properties that offer modern amenities, services and technologies—and those that don’t.

According to a recent CBRE research study on tenant satisfaction, the top three most-valued aspects of property management are building management, business administration and technology services. Survey respondents rated tech services higher than both general service amenities and physical property amenities with a score of 3.7 compared to 3.2 and 3.0 respectively.

Intelligent digital signage is increasingly a go-to solution that delivers on the tech promise. It delivers a compelling visitor and employee experience. It can bring artistic flair to form and function. It’s also fast and affordable compared to adding a gym or pulling off a million-dollar renovation.

Buyers Guide: Intelligent Digital Signage for Commercial Real Estate

We’ve created a guide to help you learn why intelligent digital signage is more than a nice to have—it’s THE way to shape tenant and visitor experience while they work, play and relax at your property. The Buyers Guide offers tips and criteria for building the right experience with the right interactions across your lobby and community spaces. Check it out.

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