Directory applications that inform and entertain

Create beautiful digital directories that keep people informed and build a sense of community.

Realize the value of smart spaces

Keeping pace with the changing expectations of a busy audience can be challenging. That’s why it’s critical to provide building communications in the fastest, most engaging way possible for tenants, visitors, shoppers, students and citizens. Our directory applications help properties deliver visually rich experiences that create informative, entertaining community experiences and make people want to come back for more.

Directory Application Packages

TouchSource Direct


  • Cloud-Based Secure Portal
  • Software Updates, Security Updates
  • Unlimited Software Support with North America-Based Engineers

Core Directory Features

  • Online Updating, Unlimited Listings, Unlimited Content Updates
  • Robust Digital Directory with Listings, Easy Updating, and Captivating Designs
  • Digital Slideshow of Images or Announcements
  • Streaming News and Multi-Day Weather Icons

TouchSource Interact

  • All features of TouchSource Direct

Advanced Directory & Content Features

  • Mobile Directory (Mobile maps included with Wayfinding Add-On)
  • Instant Updating of Slideshow Content w/ Emergency Messaging Takeover
  • Support Customer Content through Customer URLs
  • Listing-Specific Images/PDFs (Touch Screen Required)
  • Interactive Area Amenities
  • Realtime Traffic Map
  • Video Content Uploads and Display in Slideshow

TouchSource Engage

  • All features of Direct and Interact

Advanced Directory & Content Features

  • Curated Infotainment (Choose One Feed)
  • Conference Room Events Using Outlook 365 or Google Calendars
  • Virtual Visitor & Tenant Communications using QR Codes
  • Mobile Visitor Check In and Surveys

Premium Features

  • Art Backgrounds – Public Art Stills & Select Motion Scenery

TouchSource Inspire

  • All features of Direct, Interact, and Engage

Premium Features

  • Multi-Language Mirrored Navigation
  • Realtime Transit
  • Virtual Visitor & Tenant Communications with Concierge Mode
  • Touch Screen Interaction Analytics
  • Curated Infotainment (Unlimited Choice)
  • Custom Mobile QR Code Workflows

TouchSource Immerse

  • All features of Direct, Interact, Engage, and Inspire

Premium Features

  • Comprehensive Design Curation
  • Content Library Access
  • Video Wall Experience Platform
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Onsite Video Wall Diagnostics