5 Post-Coronavirus Communications & Safety Innovations

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Consistent Communications During a Crisis is Key

As people return to work and other daily routines, one of the biggest questions is how to effectively communicate changes of that “new normal” to building tenants, employees, and visitors. A big part of welcoming people back to buildings will be building confidence that it is safe to return. Property owners and managers are tasked with both providing information and addressing FAQs.

In its guide to pandemic response planning, EY noted that effective, consistent communications during a crisis will help businesses and property owners maintain customer trust, restore morale and confidence and retain market stability. Providing information that is accurate, timely and consistent across different channels is critical to restoring confidence that it is safe to return.

JLL’s Re-entry Guide checklist for communications includes:

  • Share best practices for maintaining safe and clean workspaces and reinforce based on observed employee behaviors
  • Communicate frequently and clearly any changes in protocol
  • Consider change management expertise to help coach employees through the transition

Cleaning and disinfecting after-hours needs to be very visible and communicated to tenants. Another tip mentioned in JLL’s guide is to integrate cleaning notifications into room-booking and wayfinding applications so that people know when spaces have been cleaned. Those systems also can be used to provide air quality and cleaning updates.

5 Post-Coronavirus Communications Tech Innovations

Property owners and managers need to step up communication systems and infrastructure to handle day-to-day changes in information. On-site smart digital displays and kiosks are proving to be a very visible and efficient way to convey information to tenants and visitors in real-time. To that point, TouchSource offers a variety of contactless, virtual solutions that enable office, healthcare, and enterprise organizations to safely staff, operate, and communicate as visitors return to offices.

Rapid, Affordable Tools You Can Deploy Now

1. Wellness Kiosks. Deploy health and safety messaging on a temperature-scanning kiosk with touchless hand sanitizer. Wrap it in the color and branding that fits your style for a solution that stands the test of time.

2. Disinfecting Your Directory. Here’s how to keep displays clean. Also, use your existing display to publish CDC or OSHA messaging, TouchSource-curated social distance posters, or building-specific notices. TouchSource customers can self-load to their displays. For added disinfection support, apply TouchSource Protect antimicrobial film to your display screens.

3. Repurpose existing displays. Do you have old or complex software that’s hard and costly to update on your display? Deploy a TouchSource CMS (content management system) to any competitor display for software anyone can use to update your display with the hour-to-hour, day-to-day changes.

4. Go Contactless. See what our customers have asked for—from on-screen safety notices and mobile compliance capture to posting shift boards of who is in a workspace for production facilities. We can help you deploy those quickly. Already a TouchSource customer? Transform your existing display from touch screen or static into an interactive tenant, map, and messaging solution that’s interactive on a mobile device.

5. Contactless Mobile Compliance. Deploy what top customers have done. Display building safety protocols and ask visitors to scan a QR code to note their acceptance.

In a post-coronavirus environment, there’s a new era of safety and protective health measures that require a new set of tools. Call us to see what our customers are already doing and how you can leverage proven solutions.

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