4 Steps to Increase Tenant Retention for Your Commercial Property

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Tenants and visitors expect a modern look and seamless technology in today’s commercial office building.

When implementing a digital messaging board or a digital directory, it’s important to consider your tenants and visitor needs to improve engagement and activate your space, which are important factors to increase tenant renewals.

Here are four steps to make the most of your digital solution investment and improve tenant satisfaction:

1. Identify your tenants needs

Who are your tenants? Who are their employees? And, who else visits your property?

Discover what they are they interested in, and how you can help.

For example, buildings with many commuters or in metro areas would have tenants who would benefit from seeing live local traffic and public transit schedules.

2. Assess your space

Where do visitors enter your building?  Where do they usually get lost?

Adding wayfinding and mapping to your digital solution is the perfect way to keep visitors happy in a complicated building or campus. They can even take the map and animated pathway with them on their phone!

3. Define your property style

Buildings with large empty walls can use video walls or large digital displays to decorate stunning visuals and video content. We have many content options available to fit any style you’d like to convey in your space.

4. Consult an expert

The amount of choices between content, enclosures, hardware, software, and support can be overwhelming.  Our unparalleled industry experience in digital solutions allows us to guide our clients through the buying process and create the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact us today to get your project rolling!

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