3 Ways a Digital Smart Building Can Help You Activate Your Space

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Activated Spaces Are the New Norm

Imagine a bright and spacious office building so technologically functional and engaging that employees can’t wait to get to work each day. More and more, these modern, multi-tenant buildings are becoming an expected standard for business owners who are scouting out the perfect offices for their technology-based companies.

An activated office space is alive and vibrant. Its clean design and amenities are thoughtfully chosen to encourage creativity, opportunities for socialization among tenants and also the option to work in comfortable, communal areas beyond the tenant’s suite.

A valuable way to enhance and complement space activating efforts is digital signage. Corporate buildings that feature interactive messaging on sleek screens embedded into the walls and desks will exude the advanced feel of activated spaces from the moment you step inside.

Building owners are finding that a building’s look, vibrancy and its ease of access to progressive technology are deciding factors in attracting and retaining building tenants, especially those in the high-tech and knowledge-based sectors. Right now, technology-based businesses are the single largest customer base in the corporate real estate market.

According to a recent study completed by the NAIOP Research Foundation, competition for talent today is so fierce that many companies are pushing landlords to offer unique designs and amenities that will help them attract and retain skilled employees.

Of the building owners surveyed, 91% said tenants want more vibrant office settings to attract and retain employees. That same percentage described their technology tenants’ desire for a vibrant office building environment as “very prevalent.” In today’s market, providing activated spaces has become a necessity, not a luxury.

1. Make your amenities (and their locations) known so tenants understand what they are paying for.

In addition to providing an elevated and professional environment, wayfinding and local amenities mapping through digital platforms are perfect for buildings with services that are not located in the forefront or inside the building. For example, a community area located on the building’s roof, or activities that take place off-site, like yoga or meditation classes will be more effectively communicated and advertised on attractive touchscreens strategically positioned throughout the activated space.

2. Advertise your programs and social events designed to create community and a fun atmosphere.

The easiest way for people to learn about and participate in social programs offered by the building owner is to make sure that the programs are advertised prominently, clearly and vibrantly.

The NAIOP research showed that 57% of commercial office building owners are currently using increased rental rates to pay for social programming. Not only is it vital that these programs are well-attended, but digital signage can even help to offset those rent rate increases. Building owners can sell roving advertising space on the digital platforms and use the ad revenue to bolster their communal programs.

3. Enhance your corporate brand and its image.

Most importantly, a Digital Smart Building will help you promote your own brand and image much more powerfully on digital, dynamic platforms. Create a first impression of a best-in-class building with top of the line technology that streamlines access to building information to anyone who walks through the door.

Display your building’s LEED certifications, building images, company awards and recognitions prominently, and show your tenants you care with health tips, employee recognition, and other public information that streams by all day long, solidifying your building’s reputation as modern, sleek and activated.

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