2022 Design Trends in Digital Signage and Outdoor Kiosks

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Hot digital signage trends in 2022


Featured VLOG: Digital Signage Trends Learned from Summer 2022

From hundreds of calls every month, we learn a lot about what’s on everyone’s plates and agendas. Everyone is working to learn the Digital Signage 101 for Buildings to keep up with the Class A buildings that are on an investment boom. Listen in to hear what they’re doing to compete.

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In our industry, we could try to describe trends or we can just show them to you. If you’re like us, you’re a visual person and just want to see what’s new in digital building signage design. You want to have succinct tips on pitfalls to avoid when choosing an information kiosk, and learn why anyone would take the time to dress up their lobby directory with digital art backdrops. Here’s a selection of 1-minute videos to help you see what we mean. You can also visit our Google Story gallery for mobile phone friend digital signage tours. Last, you can visit our video gallery on Vimeo to see even more.


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There’s so much going on 2022 as things heat up and then we all roller coaster through economic waves. Check out these popular trend blogs to see what everyone else is doing.


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