10 Surprising Lessons Learned from Helping Customers Reopen 

Author Ajay Kapoor

Top Most Popular & Surprisingly Valuable Features Post-Pandemic Digital Directory & Kiosk Solutions

Recently we launched the TouchSource Taos kiosk which is the first digital directory platform with integrated temperature sensors and hand sanitizers. Customer demand has been tremendous, as have the lessons and insights learned from those conversations. Here are the top 10 things we’ve learned from hardworking facility and property managers as we’ve all faced re-opening safely. From keeping hand sanitizers refilled and locked to prevent theft, to the need for unique visitor check-in and school “desk management” solutions, it has been quite a learning experience. 

1. Notifications of Empty Hand Sanitizer Is a Surprisingly Popular Feature

The simple problem of keeping hand sanitizer dispensers full is surprisingly hard for busy facility managers and operations teams. When customers learned that the TouchSource Taos provides notifications when the Gallon-sized jug of sanitizer has pumped 90% of its capacity, some have literally shrieked with joy. Who knew that the simple act of a notification could elicit so much excitement? 

2. Taking Temperatures without Personal Intervention Helps with Employee Retention

Several enterprise and public sector customers highlighted that they were on the verge of losing staff because of the anxiety involved in taking the temperature of every visitor. Now with kiosk-based contactless temperature sensing, their staff can stay clear of the visitors while keeping an eye on safety. 

3. Eliminating Clipboards for Check-Ins  Solves a Problem and Upgrades the Experience

One customer said they basically stopped capturing information when vendors approached the building. All wanted safe social distancing. Also, visitors and vendors were reluctant to use a shared clipboard and a pen. Use of the TouchSource contactless visitor and vendor check-in form on the digital directory eliminates the need for clipboards and the close proximity to employees. And, it allows for audits and contact tracing for an overall easier and safer solution—now and in the long run. Learn how L&B Realty Advisors deployed this at One Biscayne Tower in Florida. 

4. Crisis Solutions Can Still Deliver Long-Term Value

Facility teams are making investments to protect their occupants and their visitors in extreme times. But it doesn’t mean anyone wants to throw their money away on one trick pony, short-term solutions. When a city in Virginia needed to deploy temperature screening solutions, they wanted to make sure that the platform would be usable far past COVID-19. They chose the TouchSource Taos because it solves urgent issues immediately, and will continue to deliver digital signage, digital directory services, and public information for years to come. 

5. Spending Time on Workflow Matters

TouchSource was recently working with a post-secondary school with multiple locations. They were desperate to get their students back in the building. We walked through every step of the process: 

– Allowing  access to the building

– Reserving space 

– Checking in 

– Getting their desk assignment 

– Auditing and tracing students and faculty    

By looking comprehensively at their full student and faculty workflow, it created opportunities to solve problems at each step, and tie them together into something that worked for the entire process. 

6. Looks Matter, Even in a Crisis

Facilities are rushing to deploy the right solutions for occupant safety. But it doesn’t mean they are willing to compromise their building aesthetic. Nobody wants a lobby cluttered with ugly, mismatched technology. Facility managers still want function and form. The TouchSource Taos provides options for finish, color, and design that complement clients’ brand and spaces.  

7. Mobility Matters

One building owner had to redesign the entrances and building flow four different times since COVID-19 started. As a lesson learned, facility teams may have to experiment with the best entry and exit scenarios based on the volume of people and how traffic flows. So, it is critical for temperature screening kiosks to be easily mobile. 

8. Security and Privacy Are Still Important 

Shockingly, one of the first questions we get asked about the TouchSource Taos is whether the software is taking people’s pictures and sending them to China!  Apparently, dozens of cheap solutions that use cameras for facial and thermal scanning are made by a small set of companies owned by the Chinese government. Our provide is proudly made and supported in the USA. We comply with privacy and safety laws. There is no camera required, no internet connection required, and no data sent anywhere you don’t want it to go. 

9. People Still Need to Sell Products  

It is truly amazing how much the in-building shopping experience has changed. Only a few months ago, a salesperson was a helpful consultant at a store. Now they are a cause concern. Now, increasingly retailers are turning to digital sales assistance. Using the TouchSource Taos with QR codes linked to the retailer’s website or specific product landing pages helps consumers learn more about the products without the close proximity that comes from a traditional retail experience. 

10. Wow! Things Change Quickly

Just a few weeks ago the country was opening quickly. Now, there are discussions about more shelter-in-place orders. We hear from customers that products and customer solutions need to change just as quickly.  With TouchSource, you’ll be able to keep up. 

Call us to hear what other customers are doing to create smart spaces that engage people for a safer experience.

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